There are things which nobody would see unless I photographed them.” -Diane Arbus

Images captured by a camera can tell a story in a single glance, or whisper a poem with the lingering of the eye. Lots of you are snapping photos and making art, telling stories, and writing poems, with that little device you hold in your hand. Send us some.



Tara Bamford (on the left) is a photographer and mother of two gorgeous young children. She lives in Phoenix, where she snapped these lovely photos of our live event.































































































photos by tara bamford, all rights reserved

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Hi, I’m Amelia, professor, serial entrepreneur, overcomitter, big thinker, committed writer, photographer, mommyblogger, contradictory blend of southern charm and steel wool, creativity, authenticity & sanity seeker. 5 kids, 3 businesses, 1 husband, 3 cats, 5 hens, 1 house with never enough time.

“In general my children refuse to eat anything that hasn’t danced on television”– Erma Bombeck


Project 365 is a year-long undertaking of photographic exploration and discipline. A new image is captured daily as a means of documenting life and personal development over the course of a year. This sample of images from my 365 collections is a reflection of the various moods and phases that I have passed through this year to date.


keeping time

mad housewife



photos by amelia maness-gilliland, all rights reserved

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Shelby McQuilkin is a professional photographer in Denver, Colorado, specializing in fine art images with a unique style.  Her passion for cinema often comes out in her images, which frequently reflect the color and style of movie stills and convey a sense of melancholy and drama. Shelby has recently opened a brand new online gallery of her work available for sale or license; she’s available for commissioned work as well.

Shelby is currently working on a photography book project about creative women, titled  “The Artist Within Her.” The book will contain images of woman doing what they do creatively, and will include their personal stories and wisdom gained from experience.  The book is meant to inspire and encourage creative women to push past their limitations, insecurities and fears, and release their artistic voices into the world.



photos by shelby mcquilkin, all rights reserved

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Jennifer Herrick is a visual artist who enjoys working in a variety of mediums. She is looking forward to recapturing some work space in her home studio for new art projects. Jennifer lives and works in the Denver area, and is one of the founders of Voca Femina. She loves to encourage others in creative expression.

I’m calling this set “Expansions.” These shots were taken on an outing to the museum with my friend, Amy (see her photos in the previous issue.) They are part of a whole group of photos which tell the story of our day. I had fun pulling and “remixing” these few snippets to tell other, maybe larger stories.

In Regards to Past and Future

Virtual Realization

Just Like France

Note to Self

all rights reserved – Jennifer Herrick

amy-arthurAmy is a registered nurse who lives and works in the Denver area. She has a passion for life and enjoys finding the beauty in the things and people all around her. Making people laugh, song-writing/recording, painting, photography, performing arts, videography and playing soccer are some of her hobbies.


Reflecting on a fun day at the contemporary art museum in Denver. I see these images as a metaphor of how multi-dimensional and multi-faceted our lives and relationships are.

Notice the depth and levels of reflections that seem to keep on going. More than a simple one-to-one correlation, each image pushes beyond to include inside-outside relationships as well.

Reflection of Friendship

Four Flights Down

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Perspective Shift

Looking for Myself

amy k. wright


Amy K. Wright grew up in the Washington D.C area and has lived in Denver since 1998.

She has a B.A. in Speech Communications and a minor in Art. She works as a Photographer, both in the world of fine art and commercial photography. She has also cultivated experience as a Store Marketing Director for Whole Foods Market; as an intern at the Mayor’s office of Cultural Affairs; working as a Resident Artist, at both the Assembly and Annex Galleries; and as a teacher’s assistant ,in Photography, at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Travel is another component that has shaped her experience and she derives much of her inspiration from her time spent abroad.






photos by amy k. wright, all rights reserved

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jennifer davidsonJennifer Davidson is a professional photographer living in Denver area, working locally and internationally. Her work can be found on the web at About these photos, Jennifer writes:

“While traveling through England last month on my way home from a photo assignment in Africa, I spent 3 days in Swannington, England with the lovely Eliza Wren Payne.  Eliza, a very talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist,  is 8 months pregnant and lives in an old church with her husband Gavin.  She and I spent the day capturing gorgeous images that reflect her intense beauty & light, as well as the deep love and intimacy she has for her unborn daughter Darwin.  The final image of this set is Eliza in her wedding dress, soaking wet, looking out of the window, seemingly into the next phase of her life, with honesty, hope, and expectation.”












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